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          Tongyu heavy industry won the "top 100 suppliers in China's petroleum and chemical industry in 2019"

                 On October 25, 2019, The 6th China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Supply Chain Development Conference and The Annual Meeting Of Supply Chain Working Committee of China Petrochemical Federation jointly sponsored by China Petrochemical Federation and Alibaba was held in Binjiang Park, Alibaba, Hangzhou。
                 The theme of the conference is a new supply chain model of petrochemical industry in the era of digital economy, aiming to build an information and cooperation platform for thinking fusion among petrochemical enterprises, high-quality suppliers and information technology companies. At the same time, the conference release the top 100 suppliers in the petrochemical industry, and our company is awarded "top 100 suppliers in the Chinese petrochemical industry in 2019", which is the second consecutive year we won this honor.

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