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          Tongyu Heavy Industry holds 2019 staff basketball game to welcome National Day

                 In order to carry forward the Tongyu spirit and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of staff, Tongyu Heavy Industry held 2019 staff basketball game to welcome National Day in the industrial park from Sep. 23 to Sep. 28.
                 Each subordinate units actively participated in the competition, with a total of 8 teams participating. After fierce competition, the logistics team won the championship, the Xinyuan thermal power team won the second place, and innovation park team won the third place.
                 The staff actively participate in the competition. They catch up with each other and strive for success, which fully shows competition spirit and team spirit of unity and stuggle of Tongyu staff.
                 The basketball game enriched the amateur culture life of the staff, enhanced the friendship between the staff, cultivated the spirit of unity and cooperation of the staff, and showed the youthful spirit of Tongyu staff.

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