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          Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., ltd. is listed as "leading (nurturing) enterprises in Shandong high-end equipment manufacturing Industry".

                 In order to implement the strategic deployment of major projects to transform old and new driving forces and “The development plan of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong province (2018-2025)”,to accelerate the cultivation of key high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, after experts’ evaluation, Shandong provincial department of industry and information technology released the list of "leading (nurturing) enterprises database of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong province", and Tongyu was successfully selected as leading (nurturing) enterprises in the field of new energy equipment. This means The Shandong Province Industry and Information Technology Department highly recognizing of our company's innovation ability, technical level, development potential and radiation driving role. Inbound enterprises can enjoy direct service, which mainly includes high-end equipment industry support policy consultation service, innovation platform construction, major scientific research projects, foreign cooperation and exchange docking, high-end talent introduction, major project financing docking, high-end equipment industry fund cooperation, major issues coordination and other services.

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