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          Enterprise Culture

          Enterprise Culture

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          The Enterprise Culture of Tongyu

          ⅠEnterprise vision
          Cultural inheritance, a Century Old Tongyu

          Ⅱ Enterprise spirit
          Honesty, Innovation, Gratitude

          Ⅲ Enterprise core value
          Joint Effort, Joint Progress, Common Interest

          Ⅳ Company philosophy
          1.Management Philosophy:
          To advocate for the three-tendency;
          To carry out the three-mind,
          To achieve three-better and three-high

          The tendency of learning,
          The tendency of civilization,
          The tendency of cooperation

          Mind yourself, mind your men, and mind your own business.

          Doing is better than saying;
          Implementation is better than planning;
          Tomorrow will be better than today.

          High post efficiency, high company benefit, and high individual income

          2. Innovation philosophy:
          To inspire new vitality, to span new heights, and to create new achievements

          3. Market philosophy:
          The requirements from customers are the direction of our continuous effort to improve ourselves, pursue excellence and win brand reputation.

          4. Talent philosophy:
          People-oriented; Appoint people according to their moral character and ability

          5. Safety Philosophy:
          Security is the prerequisite of development; Security is the guarantee of employee’s lives.

          6. Environmental protection philosophy:
          Natural & ecological environment conservation,
          Pursue sustainable development

          7. Quality philosophy:
          Quality first; Continual improvement