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          Technical R&D

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          The company possesses state-level enterprise technology center,postdoctoral research center and provincial engineering laboratory and demonstration engineering technology research center,and has built long term production & research cooperative cooperation with Yanshan Univerdity,Shandong University,Nuclear Power institute of China,etc.

          The company owns more than 90 patents and 5 national new key products,and moer than 10 science and technology awards at or above provincial level,as well as 24 scientific and technological achievements.A series of independent achievements reach the international advanced level,such as 120MN open-die forging press,ZKS6260 horizontal high-speed NC milling and drilling machine,heavy-duty deep hole trepanning lathe,water-cooled cooper plate casting mold,the heaviest 83 tons316LN ESR ingot for AP1000 nuclear main pipe,semi-built-up crankshaft for marine,F91 forged three-way vlave,DN2600 pipe mould,high wall-thickness and strength cannon steel forging,etc.