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               @ 2018 Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd Stock code:300185

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          Company Profile

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          Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd , locates in Dezhou (Yucheng) National High-tech Industry Zone, Shandong Province of China. March 8th, 2011, Tongyu was listed in Growth Enterprises Market on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 300185). Tongyu is honored as the Leading Enterprise of Chinese Industry, the Outstanding Enterprise of Chinese Machinery Industry, the Shandong Star Enterprise of China Patent, the Environment Friendly Enterprise of Shandong, and the Advanced Enterprise of Energy Saving, etc. Till the end of December 2019, the company's total asset is 12.295 billion RMB and net assets is 5.497 billion RMB.The company owns more than 10 subsidiary companies: YuchengTongyu New Energy Mechanical Casting Ltd., YuchengBaoli casting Ltd, Shandong Xinshang Materials Ltd., Tongyu Mining Investment Ltd., Qingdao Baojian Technology Engineering Ltd., GuizhouBaofeng New Energy Development Ltd., Qingdao Bortome Import & Export Ltd., Jinan Metallurgical science research institute co., LTD and XinyuanTermal Power Co., Ltd, etc. Tongyu is engaged in R&D, manufacture and sales of large forgings and castings,  with advanced technical and well-maintained quality system. The testing center is approved by CNAS(ILAC). As for qualification, Tongyu is a qualified svpplier of CNNC, Boiler & vessel Forging Registration certificate, Military Qualification Certificate, as well as nine shipping classification certificate (CCS、BV、DNV-GL、RINA、ABS、NK、LR、KR、RS). The company has built up a national top-ranking complete industrial chain of steel melting, casting & forging, heat-treatment, machining, whole set equipment design and manufacturing. Based on this, Tongyu can supply large forgings, castings and key-components to some industries like energy (include wind power, hydro power, thermal power, nuclear power), mining, petrochemical, pressure vessel, machinery, military, aerospace, etc. Rely on superior products quality, Tongyu has established long term cooperation with some world famous companies like GE, Vestas, Alstom, ABB, Nordex, Acciona, etc.